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Authentic Galapagos Experience Testimonial: Hear from Our Thrilled Travelers

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A Galapagos Experience Testimonial by Jill Johnsen: My name is Jill Jhonsen. I’m from Seattle, in the state of Washington, in America. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from the vacation before I arrived (laughs). My dad and I are massive followers of Darwin, evolutionary theory, and science, so I wanted to hang out with him after seeing a few birds. There was a pilgrimage element about it.

I was pretty amazed by how easily accessible everything is once we arrived, and we can see the— I’m getting sidetracked because there’s a Finch behind you at the moment (laughs). My dad keeps up with all the activities and enjoys himself. We truly appreciate that from the boats along the shore, we can see so much, observe the fauna, and answer the question, “What does it mean?” to others. I have learned much about the formation and colonization of island archipelagos by life, which I did not anticipate from the earth sciences and geology.

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Everyone is amiable. It’s far finer than I had imagined. We’re receiving excellent treatment. Every schedule is extremely well-considered. I never became weary. Even from the boat, there was always something to view, and I felt really at ease. It’s been a fantastic journey. All of us will attempt to figure out how to return. I will say this like this: you must leave to see this and then return.

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Published:June 7, 2017

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