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Buccaneer’s Cove in Santiago Island – An Anchor Place

User Avatar Written by: María del Carmen Ramírez
View of Santiago Island landscape.

Buccaneer’s Cove in Santiago Island is an amazing location. It is located on the northwest side of Santiago and takes its name from the fact that early sailors, pirates, buccaneers and later whalers used this cove as an anchor place to careen their vessels, look for fresh water up in the higher parts of the volcanic island and catch giant tortoises for food.

Now, Buccaneer’s Cove in Santiago Island features remains of an eroded shoreline that is home to a variety of sea Galapagos birds, sea lions and fur seals. The geology of the place is fascinating, with layers of compacted tuff volcanic material that, due to wave and wind action, has eroded into different forms and shapes. Boobies, pelicans, and gulls use these tuff ledges as feeding grounds and nesting sites. Galapagos fur seals shade themselves amongst the rocks to cool off, and sea lions swim alongside of the coast with innocence and curiosity. Our panga ride along Buccaneer’s Cove brings a sense of discovery and is full of surprises.