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Darwin Day: Charles Darwin Story in Galapagos

Sunday, February 12th, is International Charles Darwin Day. Darwin Day is best celebrated by visiting the Galapagos Islands and taking in the renowned wildlife—after all, this is where you call home!

We warmly encourage you to utilize International Darwin Day as an opportunity to learn more about the life of the man who created the theory of evolution based on the Galapagos Islands in observance of the English scientist’s legacy.

1. Darwin wedded his first cousin.

Darwin was the logic’s monarch. He even carried this line of thinking into his relationships. He carefully considered the advantages and disadvantages of marrying Emma Wedgwood. Darwin believed that marriage would result in “less money for books,” “less freedom to go where one liked,” and “less time to read books.”

2. The Church of England issued an apology to Charles Darwin 126 years following his death.

The medicine of truth is harsh. It turns out that the Church of England misinterpreted Darwin’s ideas entirely, and their negative responses caused others to become equally skeptical of Darwin’s theories. But eventually, they tried to repair their differences, if only figuratively. Envision the longest dry swallow ever recorded.

3. Charles Darwin did not invent the phrase “survival of the fittest.”

Possibly one of the most overdone catchphrases for his evolution theory. As it happens, he never utilized it. Not initially, anyhow. The statement was originally used by Herbert Spencer, a philosopher who lived during Charles Darwin’s time. Darwin cited Spencer’s work in his fifth edition of The Origin and gave him full credit.

Portrait of Charles Darwin - Charles Darwin Day. Photo by Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin via Wikipedia Commons
Portrait of Charles Darwin – Charles Darwin Day. Photo by Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin via Wikipedia Commons

4. The first voyage of the HMS Beagle was abruptly halted while in Patagonia, South America.

While in Patagonia, Captain Pringle Stokes took his own life on board the ship after developing depression as a result of his remote excursions. After this regrettable development, 1st Lieutenant Robert Fitzroy assumed command of the vessel throughout its return voyage to England.

The renowned English biologist’s work is ingrained in our thoughts. Many people are unaware that Darwin’s effect goes well beyond the field of natural sciences; in fact, it was instrumental in developing contemporary humanist thought. Part of Darwin’s journey can be retraced on the Santa Cruz II cruise. They may inspire you to conduct your research this Charles Darwin Day.

5. Charles Darwin wasn’t the official naturalist aboard the HMS Beagle.

Robert McCormick was the officer hired to maintain documentation of the ship’s naturalist observations. Unfortunately, there was no getting along between Captain Robert Fitzroy and McCormick, and Fitzroy could not bear the thought of having him on board. Darwin was invited not only as a collector but also as a companion to the captain. McCormick led the expedition that left Brazil in April 1832 to return to England, while Darwin stayed behind to continue his studies as a naturalist.

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