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Things to do in Galapagos: Diving in the Galapagos Islands

Discover the abundance of Things to do in Galapagos. The Galapagos will gratify visitors’ interests in a multitude of ways. The Archipelago offers a wide range of activities to suit almost every kind of desire, whether intellectual, physical, cultural, inspirational, or just relaxing. In addition, the Archipelago’s unique moments around almost every turn will surprise and enchant you.

Although most tourists visit the islands primarily to explore and enjoy the captivating nature, plenty of activities remain to keep your mind and senses occupied.

Embrace the Island Life

Are you curious about the characteristics of the Galapagos people? Visit any of the four towns in the archipelago; each provides a different window into the way of life and culture of the Galapagueños. Sample the area’s cuisine or stroll down the Malecon, or seafront, in each town to get a taste of local culture. Advisory: After tasting it, you might decide to remain forever.

Learn about the daily life of Galapagueños.
Learn about the daily life of Galapagueños.

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Outdoor Adventures: Things To Do in Galapagos

Things to do in Galapagos: Snorkeling with penguins
Things to do in Galapagos: Snorkeling with penguins

Activities in Galapagos offer a variety of sights and first-hand experiences, with nearly unearthly landscapes and oceans filled with aquatic life. Put on your snorkeling gear and explore the treasures beneath the Galapagos waters, or go on a kayak and glide across the water like rays do. Have you ever wanted to look closely at a magnificent sea turtle? A calm white-tip reef shark in the Galapagos? Or perhaps a mischievous Galapagos sea lion? You should only move a little since they will find you! They are that observant! Wear a wetsuit and immerse yourself in the water longer if the sea is chilly, or enjoy another one of the things to do in Galapagos that we prepared for you.

Participate in one of our hiking excursions while on land to learn more about the islands; this activity will disclose many of their mysteries. Seeing how the Galapagos creatures evolved to their severe environment can also help you grasp Darwin’s theories more thoroughly. And why not bike and explore the archipelago while moving faster? Consider taking advantage of the opportunity to be active in one of Earth’s most stunning and natural locations, provided you are in excellent health and can withstand the tropical humidity.

Relaxed Exploration Activities

Things to do in Galapagos: Walking during a sunny day on Fernandina Island.
Things to do in Galapagos: Walking during a sunny day on Fernandina Island.

Even for people in excellent physical condition, there are always possibilities for a laid-back manner to appreciate the islands, and these options don’t take away from the island’s charms. A glass-bottom boat is an excellent option to see the underwater life around the islands without getting in the water. Do you want to spend quiet time on a white sand beach in the Galapagos? After that, stroll in the crisp seaside air and let everything sink in. Would you like to read a book while relaxing and enjoying the breathtaking scenery on your incredible Galapagos cruise?

Explore the Visitor Sites

There are numerous opportunities for those interested in culture to learn about the islands’ history. One may begin by examining the archipelago’s role in the evolution of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Perhaps it is because of its bizarre social past involving a Baroness and a Floreana murder case. Additionally, there is the tale of a tyrannical landowner in San Cristobal. Lastly, on a more depressing note, there used to be a small prison colony on Isabela Island, where they were made to construct an aimless rock wall. The Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora offers a closer look into evolution’s significance and human activity’s effects on the archipelago. You may also learn about the island’s social development at the Centro de Interpretación (Interpretation Center) in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. To comprehend the severity of the islands’ past, you can even go to Isabela and see the Wall of Tears.

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