A Visit to Cormorant Point: Farewell to the Golden Glow

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Sunset at Floreana Island

Our Galapagos Islands journey on the Santa Cruz II voyage is concluding. During our visit to Cormorant Point, it seemed as though the cosmos was giving us a final farewell in the form of a brilliant sun and golden rays that enhanced the surrounding landscape. American flamingos are walking across this breathtaking scene, whose vibrant colors give the impression that we are inside a live fresco painting. We saw several breathtaking sights during our visit to Cormorant Point, but only after engaging in many exciting activities the same day.

Mondays at Floreana: Abundant Activities and Sights

There are plenty of activities you can enjoy at Cormorant Point.
There are plenty of activities you can enjoy at Cormorant Point.

On Floreana Island, Mondays are a delight, with many activities catering to almost every interest. There’s plenty of animal activity to observe as well.

We spent the morning at Post Office Bay snorkeling and kayaking. Some of us engaged in these activities, while other visitors just relaxed by sinking their toes into the beach and watching us paddle by. We always welcome our guests to unwind on the lovely beach, and many did that!

After that, we went to Champion Islet to get a little wetter and look at the underwater marine life. The easiest way to accomplish this is to snorkel, a calming activity that lets us slowly float over the ocean and get a breathtaking view of all the fish and plant life! There is always the option of a glass-bottom boat for those who would prefer not to get wet!

During Our Visit to Cormorant Point, It Was the Golden Hour

We watched the late afternoon sunset in a golden glow that appeared to envelop everything, including the underwater life. Funny enough, a swarm of blue-footed boobies (who always seem to be huge admirers of photography) gathered right next to us, practically pleading with us for a picture. American flamingos stood wading in the golden waters near the pond where we were standing, resembling pink sweets covered in a golden wrapping.

They were far from us, yet we could still hear them squealing with one another as if they were quietly observing our presence. Even yet, it didn’t stop us from savoring this exquisite moment in which the sounds and energies of nature mysteriously draw us nearer to this fantastic location.

It has stunning lighting. Additionally, the air’s temperature is ideal. The beauty of it all leaves us speechless, to the point where our guide, almost hyper-aware of the energies, lets nature speak for itself and doesn’t say anything to let us savor this enchanted moment.

On the final day of an expedition, there’s always a bittersweet anticipation because none of us can truly predict when, or even if, we’ll return. Still, it makes the location feel even more unique. And there’s a perfect chance that any invitation to return to this surreal location will be greeted with an enthusiastic “yes, please!”

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Published:April 20, 2017

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